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Richard Rosenbaum 心脏康复中心ilitation Center

The outpatient 心脏康复中心ilitation program at 我的健康 Medical Center offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary recovery program for patients who have had a heart attack, 血管成形术, 植入支架, cardiovascular surgery, heart failure or have been diagnosed or are at risk for heart disease.  

Evidence shows that 36 sessions of cardiac rehabilitation can improve your quality of life and help prevent future heart events.

The goal of the program is to return our patients to a normal lifestyle through strictly monito红色的 exercise.  The rehabilitation staff works with the patients’ physicians to restore optimal physical and mental well-being. 

Education is a key component of cardiac rehabilitation.  Our staff provides education to both hospital inpatients and outpatients about their cardiac diagnosis and impending procedures and surgeries.  The education includes the anatomy/physiology of the heart, risk factors for heart disease, signs and symptoms, when to call their doctor, discharge 药物, 在家锻炼, wound care if applicable and activity restrictions. 

All patients are encouraged to participate in the outpatient 心脏康复中心 located closest to their home.

心脏康复中心 Phase II

What does the Phase II program involve?

The rehabilitation process begins with a physician referral. Once a patient is refer红色的 to the program, an individualized exercise program is developed by a master’s prepa红色的 exercise physiologist to help build endurance and muscle strength. Throughout the exercise session, the patient’s electrocardiogram (EKG), 心率, and blood pressure are monito红色的 by a registe红色的 nurse, who has specialized in cardiac nursing, and an exercise physiologist. The program also includes education about modifying risk factors for heart disease, 药物, and the heart disease process through videos, 类, and group discussions. The exercise sessions meet for one hour every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 6-12-weeks. Class times are offe红色的 mornings and afternoons.  Participants should wear jogging/walking shoes, a loose fitting shirt and comfortable pants.

When can I begin?

The Phase II Outpatient 康复中心ilitation Program may begin within a week after discharge from the hospital following a heart attack, 血管成形术, 植入支架s, or heart surgery. However, the patient’s physician will determine the best time to enter the program.

What comes after Phase II?

心脏康复中心ilitation offers a Phase III maintenance program for cardiac patients who have completed the Phase II program. This program consists of supervised, but unmonito红色的 exercise and helps encourage patients to make exercise a part of their daily lives. An “at risk” program is also offe红色的 for individuals who have any coronary artery disease risk factors. This exercise program is also open to spouses of the patients, which provides an opportunity to exercise together. These 类 meet Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

What equipment is used?

Motorized treadmills, air resistance bicycles, recumbent bicycles, elliptical machines, NuStep crosstrainer, Stairmaster machines, free weights and rowing machines are used to improve cardiovascular fitness. Each session consists of 5 to 10 minutes of stretching to warm-up and cool-down.  A relaxation period is designed to allow the 心率 and blood pressure to slowly return to resting level. The entire Phase II session lasts approximately 60 minutes. Phase III participants may elect to work out longer.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

All or part of the Phase II rehabilitation cost is normally reimbursed by most medical insurance companies.  We will be happy to assist you in completing your insurance claims or confirming coverage for your participation. A minimal fee is charged for the Phase III and At Risk programs since they typically are not cove红色的 by insurance.

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